Hello, Hello! If you want to book a tattoo-appointment in Berlin or Salzburg for a lady-head, flowers, a traditional or handpoked tattoo, feel free to send me a few words about your tattoo-Idea, size and body-placement of your new project to eva@mintclubtattoo.com. You can see a few examples of my style and the way I am tattooing lady-heads in the following pictures, just scroll down and take a look at my portfolio before contacting me with your ideas! I am really looking forward to meeting you!

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Eva Schatz was born on a hot Summer-Morning in 1983 in Salzburg
and started tattooing in 2006.

She studied Graphic Design at the Werbe Akademie, worked as a Designer for several years and studied Fine Art Photography (@schatz_schatz_schatz) in Berlin while tattooing, working and living in both cities. In May 2012 she and Bob opened MINT CLUB, their own private studio space in Salzburg.