Hello, hello! If you want to book a tattoo-appointment in Salzburg, feel free to send me a few words about your tattoo-Idea, size and body-placement of your new project to bob@mintclubtattoo.com. You can see a few examples of my style in the following pictures, just scroll down and take a look at my portfolio or my instagram before contacting me with your ideas! I am really looking forward to meeting you!

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Bob Fizz was born in Salzburg in 1981 and worked for more than 15 years as a professional car-painter (mainly for oldtimers) before he started tattooing in 2012.

His alter ego Radlbob is a really skinny jesus-look-alike who is cycling on his roadbike around the world in black, super tight pants and doesn´t like to appear on photos at all. Like Yeti, but on a bike. With tattoos. And a Tattoo-Machine. And a Moustache. Contact him if you wanna join the boys for a roadbike- or cx-ride in Salzburg, you´re always welcome!